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Sal with Mary Elizabeth Puppet“A school visit by a children’s book author is an exciting way to promote literacy”. – Kim Norman

Children’s book author Kim Norman has spoken to over 50,000 students and she lives that quote on a monthly basis.

Sal couldn’t agree more! He enjoys school visits because they give him the chance to demonstrate and share with students

  1. the joy of reading
  2. the creativity of writing
  3. the art and imagination of illustrating a book

Sal is happy to use Arizona’s K-12 Academic Standards
to work with the curriculum requests of your Elementary or Middle school.

From a session given to a round table of Young Authors to a presentation to a large school assembly, his books focus on subjects students encounter in various social situations and offer creative ways to deal with them.


Everywhere there are budget cuts and we know schools have been hard hit. That’s why Sweetles® Press is offering “added value” with Sal’s presentations. 


Special Offer
Most authors work alone but Sal has a rare bonus: his spouse is also his book partner! They have done presentations together offering students two different perspectives.  She does the graphic design, layouts, color work and publishing of the books. Their editor may join them too with a third perspective- that’s two or possibly three presenters for the price of one!


Special Offer
Library budgets are tight these days. So, we’re offering you this special “added value” with Sal’s presentations. He’ll bring:

  • 1 FREE Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow BOOK for your library for each hour session you book in the 2016-17 school year.
    For 3 sessions that’s 3 FREE BOOKS!


Special Offer
Another added value is a **DISCOUNTED PRICE on pre-ordered books for students!

Purchasing a book ahead of time guarantees that students will be interested, excited and enthusiastically looking forward to the Author Visit.

Students can read what the book is about, see some of the book illustrations and watch the trailer.  Plus it gives their parents the link to see what the book and author are about and validates why pre-payment for the (discounted) book for their child is a good thing!

  • Hardback Book List price: $17.99 per book
  • ** Student pre-order price: $10.00 per book  ** best value
  • Student ‘at the presentation price: $12.00 per book

How to build excitement and get pre-book sales:

  1. Give your students a flyer 2-3 weeks before the Presentation
  2. Include information about the upcoming Author
  3. Include links to this website and the book
  4. Include a tear off for Parents with the book discounts for pre-ordering.

Local Presentations:

Within a 50 mile radius of Scottsdale, Arizona

  • $200 for (1) one hour presentation – the fee includes travel expense.
    (within the hours of 9:30am-11:00am)
  • $400 for up to (2) one hour presentations -must book consecutive hours.
    (within the hours of 9:30am-1:30pm) the fee includes travel expense.
  • $600 for up to (3) one hour presentations -must book consecutive hours.
    (within the hours of 9:30am-1:30pm) the fee includes travel expense.
  • Each session includes a free hardback book for your library!

Outside Presentations:

Beyond 50 miles of Scottsdale, AZ

  • $1300 per day, plus travel & lodging expenses
  • Up to One Hour per session (within the hours of 9:30am-3pm)
  • Each session includes a free hardback book for your library!

Skype Presentations:

Anywhere in the world (presentation given in English)

  • $250 per (1) one hour presentation (prepaid by paypal)
  • Each session includes a free e-book of Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow
    a free pdf activity guide and lesson plan for teachers.


For banquet, conference or keynote speeches email or call Sweetles® Press.
Email: books @
Call: 480-513-0177 Sweetles® Press


Sweetles® Press accepts visa, mastercard and american express.

Sweetles® Press also accepts purchase orders from recognized U.S. libraries and educational institutions. To order you can fax, email or mail your purchase order.

Fax your purchase order to : 480-461-3343
Email your purchase order to: books @
Mail your purchase order to:  Author Visit Booking Dept
Sweetles®Press po box 1749 Cave Creek AZ 85327

The Federal Tax ID for Sweetles® is 27-3444242

Prepping Your Students for the Presentation:

To be sure our presentation is a roaring success for you and the students  a little preparation can make all the difference!

When planning an author visit to your school, please make sure your students know about it ahead of time. Give them the link to the authors website and books beforehand. If the author’s site offers advance activities, teacher guides, or videos – take advantage of them.


  1. Plan an art show based on the book cover/s.
  2. Have a book sale.
  3. Sell themed food that goes with the book’s theme.
  4. Hold contests; posters, essays, classroom door artwork -with prizes.
    Prizes might be:  “Book signed by the Author” , “Book Illustration signed by the Author” , “Meet the Author” etc..
  5. Raise money for a children’s charity with book or themed art sales (see #1 and #2).

All of the above will get your students involved, excited and eager to engage in the presentation.

About Sal’s Presentation:

Sal presents a wide variety of topics after the book reading such as:

  • How to become an author/writer/illustrator
  • What is takes to write a book
  • How to create artwork and illustrations for books
  • What’s involved in publishing a book
  • What are the differences between print, apps and e-books

He asks questions while reading the books to get students to think about the stories and involve them in the presentation. Each book also has a song that the students can sing and perform with him.

After the session is over, he has an activity guide for teachers to continue exploring the conversations that the book started.


To arrange a school visit,  presentation or interview

Email: books @
Phone:  480-513-0177  (this number rings publisher- Sweetles® Press)
Mail:   Sal Barbera, c/o Sweetles® Press, Post Box 25263 Scottsdale AZ 85255 USA

Age Levels:

Young children from 1-5 years old enjoy having Sal’s stories read to them.

Ages 6-10+ yrs old really ‘get’ his stories and are eager to discuss them after the reading.
Reading Mary Elizabeth Book

About the Book Series:

Sal’s book series, “A Sweetles Dream“®, was created on the premise that Sweetles®, a dog character named after his own dog, Max, sees something during the day that upsets him. When he sleeps, he dreams up a clever solution to the situation he saw or encountered during the day.

A Sweetles Dream®

Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow

The books  include:

  • Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow
  • Ernie The Dysfunctional Frog

Plus these new books are in production now:

  • James The Lost Homing Pigeon
  • Alfred The Flying Pig
  • Carina The Ballerina Javelina


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