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Mary Elizabeth The Spotless CowMary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow
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Ernie The Dysfunctional Frog Ernie loves being a frog. He loves the flies and the lily pads and the lotus flowers and the pond. But most of all he loves his frog friends. When he accidentally learns a secret, Ernie's life is changed forever. Find out what happens in this odd and wondrously goofy tale about Ernie The Dysfunctional Frog! Parents, guardians, teachers and especially children will enjoy reading this fairy tale. See how Ernie discovers his true identity and learns the importance of family and friendship. With vibrant, colorful pictures, humor for children and adults, and a fast paced story that will keep you interested in Ernie's adventure from start to finish you're sure to enjoy this story. This is the second book in the series “A Sweetles Dream”®. This series is perfect for families to enjoy together. Order this book now to build your Sweetles™ book collection! Your purchase will make a difference in the lives of children with critical and life threatening illnesses in the Phoenix Children's Hospital Child Life Program Read About The Author: Sal Barbera The Spotless Cow Song cartoon







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