Sal Barbera

Meet Sal Barbera:

Comic | Videographer | Author | Artist
Sal Barbera

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Not only that….I'm Not Takin' This...





Sal with Mary Elizabeth PuppetPuppeteer

sal writing

Children’s Book Author & Illustrator



Sal llustrator sessionSal Illustrator session on drawing characters





“A Sweetles Dream®” Book Series,
written under the name ‘Salvatore Barbera’, include:

Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow

  • Mary Elizabeth The Spotless Cow
  • Ernie The Dysfunctional Frog

These new books are in production:

  • James The Lost Homing Pigeon
  • Alfred The Flying Pig
  • Carina The Ballerina Javelina


For book or author photos or to arrange an interview, school or
library visit please contact SWEETLES PRESS

  • Email: books @

    CALL: 1 . 480 . 513 . 0177


    Sweetles Press
    Post Box 25668
    Scottsdale AZ 85255

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